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Believes in ethical diet practices.
  • Dt. Divya Gandhi is an award-winning dietitian, clinical nutritionist and lifestyle coach from Delhi, India. She is the recipient of 'Best upcoming Dietitian in North India' by Brands Achiever, held in New Delhi, in 2016.
  • She holds a Triple Diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition from Capital University/VLCC/IGNOU. She founded Diet and Cure in 2013, a diet clinic situated in North Delhi with a mission to provide a real insight and educate common people about healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
  • Topped VLCC in the year 2012 and has been awarded with a certificate of merit for the same.
  • She is a famous Media Personality and has a long time Association with Zee Business.
  • She has been actively involved in conducting corporate health programs as well as in, writing articles for popular health magazines.
  • Her expertise is in PCOD/Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormonal Disorder & Diabetes and other Therapeutic Conditions.
  • She does not believe in strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, she encourages use of food as medicine with a holistic approach.
  • Her unique yet simple presentation of videos on social media always have a personal and 'desi' touch, which allows her to deeply connect and engage with people's lives and deliver the message effectively.
  • She has devised diet plans for a number of purposes, including Pregnancy, Gym, Overweight and Underweight Kids, Teenagers, Anemia, Hypertension, Kidney Care, Boosting immunity and many more. She has been curbing health issues with her effective nutritional planning since Diet and Cure's inception.
  • Find out more about her by clicking here
Awards & Recognition
Best upcoming dietitian in Bhogal/NCR 2017
Divya Gandhi in Media
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Forbes India

Diet'n'Cure's Founder-Director Divya Gandhi's enterpreneurial journey in the July issue of Forbes India Marquee magazine.

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(Top Most verified Nutritionist & Dietitian)

Dietitian Divya Gandhi in Bhogal has built a lot of Credibility in many years. Dietician Divya Gandhi in Bhogal has become the Top Most verified Nutritionist in Bhogal.

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Corporate Events
Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce
Nt. Divya Gandhi Corporate Events Nt. Divya Gandhi Corporate Events
Corporate Presentation at Fidelity International
Nt. Divya Gandhi Corporate Events Nt. Divya Gandhi Corporate Events
Little sneak peak in Her Personal Life
A wonderful wife, Mom & a fun loving personality.
personal life divya gandhi
personal life divya gandhi
Top 3 Videos
Videos on Healthy diet, weight management & therapeutic conditions.
Carbs vs Protein What's the correct way to eat?
Simple drink for activating belly fat reduction
This is why you need to avoid Intermittent Fasting!
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Frequently asked questions & their answers.
I don't live near your clinic or I live in a different state/country. Can I still join the programme?

It doesn't matter at all where you stay. My programs are available across the globe. I manage my online clients very methodically.

What's the guarantee that I will lose?

If you give me a guarantee that that you will follow like a good student, I will also give you a guarantee that you will lose unless you have an underlying medical history you are not aware of.

And also I can't give you 100% guarantee that you will lose but I give you a guarantee that we will work very closely with you and will find out why the desired weight loss is not coming and will work it out accordingly.

There are so many dieticians available. Why we should join you?

We have built a lot of credibility in the last 10 to 12 years. We are the top most dietitians in North Delhi.

Dt. Divya Gandhi is rated the top most dietitian on Practo. She has held this number 1 spot from the last 8 years.

We got the highest number of reviews and testimonials on Practo and Google which proves that we have the ability to take care of our clients

We have so far catered to 15000 plus clients in the last 8 to 10 years and has delivered a weight loss of 70000 kgs among 15000 plus clients

To validate us to what I have told you right now, while reading this, please write dietitian in North Delhi on Google. You will yourself see that we are the top rated dietition.

She is panellist on many news channel like CNBC, Zee News, India Today.

We have 20 plus celebrities on board Like Rashmi Desai, Tina dutta etc. Will share the list of celebrities.

Our Focus is just not on weight loss, our focus is also what will happen once your weight loss target is met. We will educate you how to maintain the weight you have lost. As this is more important to sustain the amount of weight you have lost. Our association will not end once you have met your desired weight loss objective. We will keep working with you and make you understand how to go back to your lifestyle without gaining weight.

I live in a hostel and cannot cook or have access to cooking only for basic food items. Can I still join the program?

If you are living in a hostel and you get a weekly Menu time-table from the hostel then I will draft a meal based on that time-table and will certainly guide you to pick the best possible healthy options. However, if there is no time-table which is being given to you by the hostel then it becomes very tough to follow a regular diet plan. In that case only one time consultation is enough. Or we might ask you to buy some groceries that don't need any cooking, like milk, curd, cucumber, fruits, etc.

How will you make me lose?

To make our clients lose, we work upon 4 Pillar model i.e. Understanding your Medical History, Blood Group, Current Eating Routine & Home Cooked Food

Blood Group: - Our diets are combinations based plan which will depend upon your blood group, for e.g if your blood group is o + then non veg will suit you more in losing weight. SO this was just an example , blood group pays a major role in drafting the plan.

Medical History: And if you have a medical history, the diet plan will be based on the current medical history. For example if some one has a thyroid. We will not include Brocolli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Beans soya been and Mushrooms. In the similar way we will be drafting the diet plans as per the existing medical history of the client.

Eating Routine :- Your eating routine will play a major role. We will ask you at what time you wake up, what time you take your breakfast, what time you go to office, what you take in evening and will ask you various questions about your existing current routine and then I will try to be as close to your current eating routine before making your plan, I will not twist you that much so that it becomes very tough for you to follow.

Do I need to go to gym n also along with the Diet Plan?

Absolutely not required to go to gym, what's important to get yourself involved in any sort of physical activity like Walking, yoga meditation etc. Losing weight has no connection whether you are going to gym or not. In fact if you are over 100 kgs then it's not recommended to join gym at all. First lose around 15 to 20 kgs and then go ahead and start with your gym training.

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